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August 16, 2012
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August 23, 2012

Take My Blog…Please!

I was reading a blog the other day by Muhammad Yasin (on the MarketingProfs.com website) about how to write a blog more worthy of reading. Yeah, I know, I need a hobby. Below are the Five Tips they wanted me to abide by. Since that time of the month has now befallen me once again and I have PBS…Pre Blog Syndrome, I thought I could write a blog about writing a blog.

Tip 1: Keep it about the reader 

Despite what my younger siblings might say, I do know that it isn’t always about me.  Who reads my blog? I can’t say for sure, but I do know who I write it for—agency account people like me who are the bridge between agency and client. I also write for clients/potential clients who are thinking about dealing with an agency for the first time or just aren’t sure how to deal with the agency they have.  My career has taken me on both sides of the desk and I like to think I can see both sides—how to service a client and how a client wants to be serviced.

Tip 2: Focus on expert tips

Am I an expert in any one thing? Well shopping for shoes comes to mind and I can name the Class of 1983 quarterbacks taken in the NFL draft, but I’m not really an expert.  Account people are “looked upon to be experts” in two areas—marketing overall and their client’s business.  Experienced and resourceful account people know where the experts are and are resourceful enough to use them.  Good account people try to learn the industry overall, not just their client’s company. They need to know the landscape and how their client fits into it.

Tip 3: Branch out

Everyone knows their own comfort level and we tend to stick close to it.  They say writers should stick to what they know. That’s great when you have writer’s block, but it doesn’t really stretch your creative limits now does it? The guy who wrote “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo” was neither a girl, nor did he have a tattoo but he told a great story. There are lots of great stories out there. Find them. Share them. Case studies, other blogs, trade articles all make for good communication and that’s we are in the business of doing.

Tip 4: Be visual

Now I can tell you that in a recent rain storm my car suffered major water damage. Ho Hum! Or I could tell you that I drove into a torrential rain storm at high tide. The water swirled around my car until it stalled in the middle of the street. Guys with kayaks paddled by and pushed me to safety. I hiked up my pant legs and took off my shoes and waded across the street to safety. Which paints the better picture for you? I work in radio advertising. I have learned the importance of being able to make listeners “see” with their mind and their ears.

Tip 5: Save the sales pitch

No one really likes to be sold something as much as they like to buy something.  I find the blogs that I enjoy reading are not selling me as much as they are communicating, informing and entertaining me.

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