September 21, 2023


Pete Dominick hosted a popular talk show host on SiriusXM for over a decade.  But then, he lost his dream job and had to figure out what to do next.  Friends and supporters were unanimous with their recommendations: Start A Podcast! They’d grown accustomed to Pete starting their day with news and opinion, sprinkled with levity from a veteran standup comedian.

Today, four years and 1,000+ episodes later, Pete produces a daily podcast from a custom-built shed on the grounds of his suburban New York home.

Beyond daily interviews with audio-friendly newsmakers, opinion leaders, and comedians, Pete’s listeners tune in for his 20-minute, show-opening mix of news headlines and topical sound bites. 

And it’s not just Pete Dominick.  A recent Acast study reveals that podcast hosts have emerged as the trusted figures of the media industry.  The 2023 survey shows nearly two-thirds (64%) of podcast listeners seek out and make time for their favorite host’s content.  Rather than consume audio simulcasts of headline-recycling TV networks like FOX and CNN, daily podcasts like NYT’s “The Daily,” NPR’s “Up First,” and “Stand Up with Pete Dominick” deliver the news with insight and commentary created specifically for a listening audience. 

This creates a positive space for advertisers, as the study shows that 75% of podcast listeners have listened to a podcast host for a product endorsement, compared with 62% of social media users seeking a social influencer’s endorsement or 55% of radio listeners turning to a radio personality for advice.

As trust in American media wallows at an all-time low, trusted podcast personalities will play an increasing role in how B2B and B2C brands market their messaging to prospective buyers.  Of all audio, ad-supported platforms, podcasts rank second only to AM/FM for total share of listening.  And for advertisers who know that their customer base leans a certain way on the political spectrum – or prefers a specific style of entertainment or lifestyle content – it becomes easy to pair dozens of podcast hosts and properties that mirror your target consumer’s profile.

The challenge is how to narrow down tens of thousands of podcast choices to the couple dozen that are bullseye matches.  That’s where we come in.  Connect with us to tackle the sprawling universe of podcasting with a trusted audio partner who knows the way.

Mark Lipsky is CEO and Creative Director of The Radio Agency, a national advertising agency 100% focused on creating and managing sound advertising campaigns through the medium of radio. You can reach him at [email protected].