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August 14, 2012
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August 21, 2012

Radio’s New Tricks

For nearly 40 years, journalists have pondered the pending death of radio.  Everything from 8-track players to MTV and the Internet were predicted to bring about the end of radio.

Then something unexpected happened.

In the blink of an eye, radio transformed itself into a multi-platform bundle of entertainment that rides the cutting edge of technology.

Thousands of AM/FM stations reach new audiences online, with added features that enhance the listening experience.  SiriusXM delivers a broad spectrum of entertainment via satellite, now serving more than 23 million paid subscribers.  Personalized radio services like Pandora enable more than 50 million active listeners to program and customize their own radio stations.

You’d think this might be bad news for AM and FM stations.  But a record high 243 million Americans now listen to AM and FM radio every week.  That’s 93% of the total 12+ population.

For brand advertisers and direct marketers, this vast palette of advertising opportunities leverages the medium of sound to deliver multichannel messaging, including email, video pre-roll, banner ads, online listener loyalty clubs and Internet home page walk-on videos.

Radio – in all of its forms – has cemented its place in our popular culture.  And with an infinite number of marketing options, that’s more than enough to keep us busy here at The Radio Agency.

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