Radio Advertising for Men Who Shop

September 25, 2012
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October 4, 2012

Radio Advertising for Men Who Shop

Most people think it’s strange that my husband Dan has more hair and face products than I do.  Or that his sneaker collection far exceeds mine (by at least eight pair!).

Dan, after all, is a manly man.  A guy’s guy.  However, he also loves to shop.  Online or in-store, doesn’t matter.  And apparently, he’s not alone.

A recent study by uSamp found that more men than women are using mobile devices to shop.  Specifically, 45% of men versus 34% of women, from a statistical sample size survey of 1,100.  In general, it’s a fact that more men are shopping for everything from groceries to anti-aging face creams.

This is important to note, as manufacturers and retailers should keep in mind the many traditional and digital radio properties that have a predominantly male audience.

Cost effective, SiriusXM channels like Howard 100, ESPN or CNN make it easy to sustain a campaign with messaging targeted specifically to the male shopper.

Using Sports/Talk stations exclusively in local-markets that are key to a campaign’s success allows you to keep the cost of the buy down, while testing the effectiveness of your creative and offer.

So, be sure to have an easy-to-remember URL.  You should even consider using different URLs for each radio property used to test the creative and how it works in a given market or on a specific format.  This will make back-end campaign analysis a breeze and allow you to optimize Phase Two.

For more information on the uSamp study go to:

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