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June 10, 2014
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June 24, 2014

Radio Idea Starters

Ever get writer’s block? Good, that means you’re trying. The next time you’re stumped to find a new spin on an old idea, go crazy. Try writing about your brand from the perspective of an animal, an inanimate object, or an historical figure. Aside from the creative twist on copy, you’ll have the built-in element of audience engagement, as listeners satisfy their curiosity over how a kangaroo, a toothbrush or Christopher Columbus might choose to market your brand.

Here’s a quirky list to get you started. And remember, there are thousands more ideas where these came from.

Script your next radio commercial from the perspective of

A security camera

The bouncer at a bar

One of our Founding Fathers

A lazy Dalmatian

Your shoes

A baby in a crib

The ticket taker at the movies

A hungry tiger

William Shakespeare

The stapler on your desk

The world’s oldest grandmother

A rental car

The last kid chosen for football

A toll taker

The inventor of socks

A newborn robin

Moses’ joke writer

The world’s fastest turtle

A microscopic organism

The world’s worst stock picker

Ivan the Terrible

The guy who showed up a day late to patent Velcro

Triplets (any age)

An inexperienced ghost

The inventor of Hop Scotch

The world’s smartest ostrich

A leaky umbrella

The lady who gets everything free

An old guitar

The inventor of ice

The luckiest rabbit (four rabbit’s feet)

A doormat

A minor league baseball mascot

Still stumped? Call us and let’s brainstorm! We love this stuff.

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