24 Creative Radio Copy Ideas

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September 26, 2017
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June 11, 2018

24 Creative Radio Copy Ideas

Boring radio commercials are the unfortunate result of lazy copywriters who pound out scripts instead of seeking exciting vantage points from which to tell their story.

Imagine the radio advertising possibilities of scripting for the voice of an all-seeing security camera. Or the world’s oldest grandma who’s seen everything. We always get great feedback when we toss out a couple dozen offbeat scripting ideas for creative radio commercials, so let your imagination run wild and find two or three here that could breathe life into your brand to make it memorable.

Try scripting a radio commercial from the perspective of…

A driverless car that insists on driving to your retail location
Newly-arrived space aliens who are shocked at how amazing your product is
You, 20 years from now, after you’ve used (and benefitted from) this product
A protester that’s picketing your competition
The world’s smartest five-year old
A happy, panting dog
Your last dollar bill
A judge ruling in your favor
Molecular elements that are part of your product
A Russian spy
The jocks at school that used to make fun of you, but now want to be you because you use this product
A ventriloquist’s dummy
A representative of the people of Luxembourg
The guy or gal who always “gets it right”
A polarizing talk show host
The inventor of Wacky Glue
A small-town athlete doing a free endorsement
Several animals at the zoo
“Mother” Time
A stop sign
The person who just missed buying the winning lottery ticket
A suave salsa dancer
Worker ants
The second smartest man on earth

Still stuck? Call us and we’ll brainstorm another dozen alternatives!