Your Words. Their Voice.

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October 7, 2014
October 21, 2014

Your Words. Their Voice.

You’ve carefully crafted your marketing plan. You’ve diligently planned and placed your media buy to support your objectives. Radio is an integral part of your mix. It’s where your relationship with your customer can really take hold. The success of your efforts hinges upon where you’ve chosen to place your campaign, what you’re saying and how your message is delivered. More to the point, when you “hit the streets,” how is it coming across? Are you resonating?

One tried and true way is with personality endorsements.

Legendary radio host Paul Harvey, a 2005 recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom – said of his sponsors – and there were many – “I am fiercely loyal to those willing to put their money where my mouth is”.

Today’s radio landscape offers you a rich and varied landscape of choices; a coast-to-coast chorus of voices to speak on your behalf. Listeners create strong bonds with their favorite air personalities, even the ones whose views may be radically different (especially in the hotly debated arenas of politics and sports). But outside of those two pillars of talkdom, there are many radio personalities who reside in entertainment, music, relationships and other specialty subjects.

These pros have taken the time to hone their craft and build a following. They may be the right choice to speak for you and about you. “Live Reads” as the term is called in the industry really sells the matter short. It is a live conversation about your brand, your offer, about your business.

When Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio conduct ongoing endorsed conversations about LaQuinta Inns or Regus offices, those businesses become imbedded into the daily lore of the show. And your marketing campaign sees results because your message resonates from the mouths of known, trusted personalities.

Same with Rush Limbaugh – love him or hate him, not sure there is an in-between anymore – when he urges listeners to learn about for cloud computing backup services, you can be sure web traffic increases handsomely. And how about Brandi Glanville of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. On her national podcast she very confidently proclaims that she “loves her NoNo Pro” Hair Removal System.

And the sales uptick is underway. When you match the right product or service in the right environment with a showhost who can deliver the goods, well, you couldn’t have said it better yourself…..someone on radio just did it for you!