Use Radio To Get Results

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August 23, 2012
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August 30, 2012

Use Radio To Get Results

Radio advertising offers an affordable way to get your message out, loud and clear!

A great media plan can achieve your desired results. Long-term promotion is key to a good radio advertising plan. Help impact your customer’s buying decisions by being in front of them. Do so by associating your business with prestigious programming and targeting specific audiences. Radio advertising can pinpoint a demographic and speak directly to your customer base.

Running multiple commercials per day is important for maximum reach and it builds consistent exposure to your products and services. Depending on the number of commercials per day, it may take a few days, a few weeks, or a few months to achieve results, but over time, radio advertising is a great way for advertisers to attract customers.

Make a bigger impact by scheduling even more commercials per day. Results come faster if you put your message in front of your prospects and customers every day, several times per day. Do this consistently for maximum benefits.

There may be times when you need to get the word out fast, for a time sensitive sale or event. Consider blasting your message on-air and online. With all of the web based radio applications available, you can be heard and seen. Massive exposure will keep your customers informed and drive them to your door.

If you know you’ll be advertising during the year, but you don’t want to run every day, your Account Manager will set up an annual plan that allows flexible scheduling options. This type of investment can be efficient and economical – and it allows you to be on- or off- air during your prime season. And just because your flexible schedule might have a hiatus period, there’s always an opportunity to lay in additional schedules for your special events, grand openings, or new product launch.

Speaking of grand openings, a great way to build excitement and draw traffic to your door is through a live promotional broadcast. Radio stations can provide signage, giveaways, and talent. In addition to the live broadcast, on-air promotional announcements create awareness prior to your event.

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