Then and Now: Tivoli Audio

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March 19, 2013
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Then and Now: Tivoli Audio

There’s no doubt that the millennial generation has it made these days, despite articles referring to us as “The Lost Generation.”  Are we privileged?  Yes.  But, it’s always nice to refresh the notion of just how privileged we are. This time, the refresher came from an interview I had to conduct with a person from a different generation than myself. The interview was to focus around media outlets that the person used while growing up. I decided to interview my grandmother, since I’ve already heard countless stories about her growing up during the “good old days.”

Those days, her main source of gathering information was from the radio. So, when I first read about Tivoli Audio, the interview I had with her instantly popped into my mind. Granted she’s the true definition of a person who is technologically handicapped; she would not know how to turn on the Tivoli or furthermore, even know what it was (if it didn’t resemble the radio that sat on my grandfather‘s night stand). The Tivoli Audio is a great evolution from the Victrola my grandmother used to listen to as a young girl. It was a large audio machine that sat on the floor and was made to look like furniture. In order to play the big vinyl discs, she would have to “crank” the handle on the side.

I’ve never been into extravagant sound systems and such, but this product definitely caught my eye due to its suave and somewhat “vintage” look. The product’s purpose is to “bring beautifully designed, simple-to-use, high quality audio products to consumers at a fair price.” With a retail price that’s $200 or more, I can visualize the look on my grandmother’s face in protest to consider the cost a “fair price.” I’m sure her family of 10 lived off of less than that price in Marion Station, Maryland in the 1930’s. However, I’m also sure that she’d appreciate the high quality of audio sound compared to that of the countryside’s poor reception which often made her miss her favorite programs.

Overall, the Tivoli Audio seems like a great product. The reviews and product attributes sparked interest in this consumer. That’s what it’s all about, right? Advertising is designed around appealing to consumers, sparking an interest that will cause the customer to react. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, my grandmother may find herself with a new toy to boast about amongst her senior saint friends. Of course this means I’ll be spending the month of May doing user tutorials. But, it will all be done in the name of love and radio.

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