Radio Cash Cow Connects to the Community and Creates a National Buzz!

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September 24, 2013
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October 8, 2013

Radio Cash Cow Connects to the Community and Creates a National Buzz!

Oregon Safeway and Walmart shoppers got more than what was on their grocery lists when $100 bills mysteriously appeared, stashed in egg cartons, cookie boxes and even in a candy bar. The mystery behind the money sustained for a week, generating national attention on, The Today Show and the GMA website, as well as the local TV network affiliates in Portland.

Then, a Portland radio station came forward and made it known that the mystery money man wasn’t a man at all, but the Cash Cow from Country 98.7 The Bull (KUPL)!

Scott Mahalick, KUPL Program Director tells The Radio Agency that “We never expected this kind of national attention. The promotion will last for five weeks and listeners will have a chance to win up to $1,000 each day by calling in when they hear the designated song of the hour or by meeting The Bull’s Cash Cow on the streets of Portland.”

KUPL’s Cash Cow promotion is just more one more example of how radio can get up-close and personal with a community of listeners right where people live and breathe in the supermarket. And in this case grab, it generated some national media attention, which is this era is priceless.

Way to ride The Bull!

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