February 3, 2015
Listening Habits of a Media Buyer
February 17, 2015


Are you tired of listening to the same old CDs you found shoved under the seat in your car? Ready for some new music to listen to while you’re on the road? Like me and millions of others you can turn to Pandora radio, but there are so many new apps for you to discover a new array of music! Whether you enjoy listening to today’s hits or undiscovered bands, here are a few options available to freshen up your music mix.

Spotify, RDIO, and MOG, like the “fan favorite” Pandora, offer millions of songs at your fingertips to listen to for free. Monthly, ad-free access ranges from $4.99 to $9.99 per month.

If you are on the lookout for up and coming artists, Grooveshark is ideal for finding unsigned indie bands from around the country. You can also create and save playlists with your favorite songs.

Are you a Beyonce or Taylor Swift super fan on the hunt for unreleased new album tracks that somehow get “leaked?” Download NPR’s First Listen to get the jump on broadcast radio and enjoy new releases a week or more before they “hit the streets.”

Do you love to customize your music and share new songs you discover with friends through social media? Then Soundcloud and 8Tracks are a natural choice for you. Each allows you to customize which artists and songs you want to hear, add a cool title and cover art to your customized playlist, then share it with your friends on sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Also, Soundcloud is designed to be easily embedded in blogs and tweets, and is no more complicated than pressing the PLAY button to hear your favorite tunes!

Switch up your listening routine and try out some of these new music apps. There is so much great music out there just waiting to be heard.

And if you’d like to reach this music-savvy audience with your advertising message, ask The Radio Agency which platforms provide the most effective and innovative ways to reach your customers. It’s all part of the Sound Advertising mix available to today’s brand marketers.