And Now, On with the Countdown

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December 2, 2014
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December 16, 2014

And Now, On with the Countdown

We love a good countdown. A NASA rocket launch.  New Year’s Eve at 11:59PM.  And, on radio, where the countdown has a special place of its own. American Country Countdown, Radio Disney Top 30, Bobby Jones Gospel Countdown, Rick Dees Weekly Top 40.  Thank you Casey Kasem, where would the countdown format be without you?

Radio countdown shows present a familiar format that offers listeners a dramatic bottom- to-top journey through time, landing where everyone likes to be – at the top.  Along the way, we are taken methodically through what essentially is a popularity contest with no losers. Radio countdowns contain the best of what is being listened to or talked about at a snapshot moment in our culture.

If you are an advertiser who likes the odds on your side, consider sponsoring radio countdown shows. The most appealing reason is that a countdown show is all about the build-up. Embrace that and use it to your advantage. What is your business building up to each week, each month, each quarter, each season? A countdown show is always build-up friendly!

Within these shows are weekly gainers and losers but your brand can remain a winner no matter the movements within the charts, because as a sponsor you can control your message within the show.

Employ a frequency approach whereby a singular message is heard throughout the countdown, enough times to create response.  Or you can use the show’s landscape to showcase multiple messages, with the goal of a broader sampling of your offerings. Everyone loves a winner… and a loser, and countdown shows provide both week in and week out. But as an advertiser within the show, you never lose. You are “of” the countdown but not “in” the countdown itself. You are #1 at the start of the countdown and you are still #1 at the end.

You are there all the way, stating and restating your conversation with the emotionally engaged fans of the countdown.  As a countdown show sponsor, you are putting your brand in front of these fans. Let The Radio Agency help you match up with the right program, have fun with the unique environment it offers and begin your countdown to success!