Advertising’s CRAZYaffordable Celebrity Endorsement

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December 9, 2014
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December 23, 2014

Advertising’s CRAZYaffordable Celebrity Endorsement

As a marketer, you probably don’t give much thought to podcasts as a messaging platform unless you’re a fan of podcasts yourself.  And that’s an injustice to your brand, because Americans download over 100,000,000 podcasts every month.

Think about it.  When consumers surf the web, they impulsively click content at random.  TV viewers and radio listeners channel surf until they find something that pleases them.

But podcast listeners seek out, download and consume audio programs based on their interest in the subject matter.  That’s deliberate media consumption with premeditated intent.

Next, factor in the powerful brand boost of a podcast host lending his or her voice to promote your brand.

You could easily end up with far more than the 60-second message you bargained for, as evidenced by this five-minute segment with Adam Carrolla.


Wow.  That’s the kind of endorsement you can’t buy at 10 times the price on AM/FM radio.  The fact is podcast listeners are extremely loyal and extremely attentive to programming content.  And you can invest in a single podcast – or dominate multiple podcasts in a single category or a variety of subjects – for a fraction of the cost of a typical celebrity endorsement or annual campaign.


At The Radio Agency, we even took the plunge to sponsor The Dennis Miller podcast to hear our name in lights.



For a reasonable, five-figure investment, YOUR BRAND can be a front-and-center sponsor of one or more podcasts and sustain a full year presence, promoting your brand, driving sales, introducing new innovations and elevating awareness and affinity through this national medium.

Tell us your objectives for 2015.  And let us suggest a program that would be a perfect fit for you.