Advertising on Pandora

May 17, 2016
Are Podcasts The Future of Radio Advertising?
July 26, 2016

Advertising on Pandora

There are four radio platforms to consider when planning an effective media buy: AM/FM (terrestrial), SiriusXM (satellite), Streaming (web-based services like Pandora) and Podcasts (on demand radio). How do you know when Pandora is the right fit for your brand?

Since Pandora’s inception, they’ve enjoyed a distinct targeting advantage over other platforms. That’s because every Pandora user registers by giving Pandora three critical pieces of information: (1) their gender, (2) their date of birth and (3) their zip code. So, if you own a regional chain of women’s clothing stores that appeals to 20-somethings and 30-somethings, you could literally draw a 10-mile radius around each of your store locations and then use Pandora to serve your radio ad to Women aged 20-40 who live within those circled zip codes. 100% efficiency. Zero waste.

As for your creative message, Pandora airs 15- and 30-second audio commercials, as well as providing banner ads that display on screen (smartphone, computer, tablet) and remain visible until the next commercial airs. Use your audio message to get the listener’s attention and draw them to that banner, where they can tap – or click the screen – to visit your website and take advantage of a special offer.

To track how the campaign is working, assign a unique URL to your banner that either points to your home page or a campaign-specific landing page that lets Pandora listeners know they’re in the right place after hearing your ad.

Today, Pandora has even greater targetability. In addition to age, gender and geography, advertisers can category-target based on thousands of segments that include household income, lifestyle, occupation, shopping and exercise habits and life stage. For instance, if you’re looking for married running enthusiasts who intend to buy a Chrysler and have shopped at an organic food store in the past month, Pandora has got you covered!

It’s important to note that, the more narrow your targeting, the higher the cost of generating an advertising impression. However, if this granular platform is right for your brand, test it. Measure it. And when it works? Scale it as large as you can. If we can help you create, plan, place and manage that campaign, give us a call. We’re here to help.