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24 Creative Copy Ideas | The Radio Agency |

24 Creative Copy Ideas

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December 16, 2014
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December 30, 2014

24 Creative Copy Ideas

Earlier this year, we posted 28 ideas for marketers to use as a starting point for scripting radio copy.  We suggested writing your radio commercial from the perspective of an all-seeing security camera (which might see an amazing benefit to your brand or a flaw in your competitor).  Or the world’s oldest grandmother (who’s been around long enough to see everything).  Or the guy who showed up a day late to patent Velcro (“I may have missed that opportunity, but I won’t miss this one”).

We received terrific feedback to that post.  So here are another couple dozen quirky vantage points that you might consider – if not for the lead voice in your next radio commercial, then as a creative exercise to let you see your brand through the eyes of another.  Have fun!

Script a radio commercial from the perspective of…

  • An efficient flight attendant
  • Your cell phone
  • A five-year old genius
  • The Mighty Hercules
  • A parking valet
  • An edgy squirrel
  • The head librarian who can’t contain her excitement to a whisper
  • Alexander Hamilton, live from a $10 bill
  • A shy, unemployed cartoon character
  • A neighborhood bartender
  • The world’s worst slogan writer
  • A supermarket cashier
  • Your goldfish
  • A hyperactive Boy Scout
  • The Ebola Virus
  • Crabs on the beach
  • A Powerball jackpot winner
  • A fictitious TV weathercaster
  • A legion of unknown superheroes
  • The “hot girl” from high school
  • A pack of matches
  • Your aunt who says “Well, y’know” in every sentence
  • The President’s speech writer
  • An over-the-top drama professor

Still stuck?  Call us and we’ll brainstorm another dozen alternatives.