Who’s Listening to Radio?

Just about everyone.

Radio – and all forms of audio entertainment – touch our lives daily in the most intimate of ways.  From the clock radio that awakens us, to the music we listen to as we prepare our day, to the audio entertainment we consume on our daily commute to the online radio station that keeps us company at work, radio and audio are right there with us.

92% of us still listen to AM/FM radio every week.  Another 20 million subscribe to Sirius XM Satellite (while millions more get a free listen riding in our cars). Then there’s the 84 million-plus people who are registered users of such online “personalized radio services” as Pandora, Slacker and Grooveshark.

Millions download podcasts of their favorite radio programs and entertainers.  Millions tune to NPR for a view of the world that fits their lifestyle and mindset.  Millions hear POP (Point of Purchase) Radio in supermarkets and drug stores, where commercials promote products that are literally an arm’s length away from their shopping cart.

All of these platforms – plus more than 40 thousand Internet streaming radio stations – are available to deliver your advertising message.  Best of all, your results can be measured, managed and optimized for maximum profitability.

You can run a traditional 30-second or 60-second message.  You can sponsor programming.  You can create contests that weave your brand into programming.  You can buy “blinks” where a quick mention of your name keeps your brand top-of-mind.  You can target listeners who channel audio through their iPhone and Droid with messages that say “Tap your smart phone screen to connect to our call center” or “connect to our website” or “receive an email with more information.”

In the blink of an eye, radio has transformed itself into a multi-platform bundle of entertainment that’s riding the cutting edge of technology.

We’re The Radio Agency.  And we’d like to help you master the many platforms of radio to profitably market your business.

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