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With our 100% focus on radio, our ad agency can deliver your marketing message with startling efficiency. The Radio Agency places millions in radio advertising across a wide variety of Sound Advertising platforms, because that’s how today’s audience listens to radio.

  • podcast sponsorships91% of all Americans listen to AM/FM Radio every week
  • Over 30 million subscribe to SiriusXM Satellite Radio
  • Over 75 million create their own radio experience on platforms like Pandora and Spotify
  • Americans download more than 100,000,000 podcasts every month

Pandora Advertising

Podcast Advertising

SiriusXM Radio Advertising

iHeart Radio Advertising

The Radio Agency’s media team will select the right mix of sound advertising options to market your brand.  Companies like yours trust us to evaluate and negotiate the best rates and structure the most effective campaigns: be they local or national, live or produced, top-dollar premium or rock-bottom remnant value.

Our job is to know all the options and direct your dollars to what works best.

As national subscribers to Nielsen Audio, SmartPlus and SQAD, we’re able to aggressively plan and place media buys in every U.S. radio market, armed with the intelligence and experience to deliver discounted pricing and added value.  Few ad agencies invest in this expensive research across all 50 states, leaving most agencies to plan and negotiate without the most current marketing knowledge and insights.

Companies often ask us what radio ads cost. How much will I need to invest for an effective test?  An effective placement might run just several thousand dollars for a small, local buy – or millions for a full-blown national campaign.  Each station, day part and spot length is priced differently with rates that could change daily, its cost tied to audience size and the real-market demand for commercial inventory.  Our agency knows how to buy, when to buy and how to deliver added value over-and-above the paid media schedule.

There’s an endless arsenal of media options available to be customized to your company’s needs and objectives. Your company’s solution might be to employ “live” air personality reads during morning drive in seven local markets. Or your ad campaign might best be suited to a saturation buy across the cable news channels of SiriusXM.  Or its best placement for a “Women only” buy might be to use county or zip code targeting on Pandora. The fact is, today’s radio can be sliced and diced in an infinite number of ways to deliver the most efficient targeting in the history of radio.

radio ad costAnd then there are Podcasts, also referred to as “On Demand Radio.”  Podcasts allow listeners to download and save their favorite on-air programs and off-air shows for playback at their convenience, much the same way DVRs and On Demand channels have changed the way we watch TV.  Audio Podcasts create opportunities for companies to place their ads at the beginning (pre-roll), middle (mid-roll) and/or end (post-roll) of Podcasts, often voiced by the same personalities who host the programs.  Podcasts are an excellent way to target consumers by their lifestyles and interests – adding one more dimension to the way your advertising message can be efficiently delivered via radio.

Companies like yours – both direct marketers and branding advertisers – trust The Radio Agency to select the most effective and efficient media mix that will deliver the media advertising exposure you need at aggressively-negotiated rates.

What’s the right mix for you? Give us a call at 800-969-AMFM to discuss your best options.