Radio Spot Advertising

Spend a dollar, get back two. Measure and manage results.
These are the focused metrics of direct response radio.

Since 1993, The Radio Agency has worked with many of America’s leading direct response brands on campaigns that have measured, managed and optimized ROI. We can quickly size up your prospects for success on radio. If the metrics work, we’ll guide you through the creative process to create compelling radio commercials – and then buy, manage and optimize a radio spot advertising campaign to deliver results. It’s a patient, systematic approach that’s paid off handsomely for our direct response clients.

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Radio Advertising That Works

Direct response advertising succeeds when you have a specific plan and follow that plan, making the necessary adjustments to steer your radio advertising campaign to profitability.

The first step is to clearly define what has to happen for you to call the campaign a success. Typically, in direct response advertising, that means achieving a specific Cost Per Call, Cost Per Sale or Cost Per Acquisition.

The number of leads (calls, website visits) generated – measured against the costs of radio advertising – determine your Cost Per Call or Cost Per Lead. Applying your conversion rate (from lead to sale) yields your Cost Per Sale or Cost Per Acquisition.

A strong, experienced radio advertising agency partner will help you measure the costs of radio spot advertising by structuring a tight testing matrix, enabling you to test two or three different versions of your radio commercial on a variety of radio formats, channels and networks. Using distinct phone numbers, URLs or promo codes in your call to action, we’ll be able to measure the Cost Per Lead from each media source.

Then, we’ll ramp up the properties that are working and renegotiate lower radio spot advertising costs with the ones that aren’t. Our media test will give us all the intelligence we need to be profitable from that day forward. So now your direct response advertising campaign can deliver a steady stream of viable leads on as many – or as few – radio stations, channels and networks as your infrastructure can handle.

Since 1993, The Radio Agency has managed hundreds of radio direct response advertising campaigns for DRTV Marketers, E-Commerce and Dot-Com Websites, Fortune 500 Companies, TV Networks and a full spectrum of direct response advertisers.

Is your brand right for radio? Call us at 800-969-AMFM. In 10 minutes, we’ll help you determine if your product, service and opportunity is a good fit for radio spot advertising. And that’s when the fun begins.