What’s the one thing you want a radio listener to do
after they hear your message?

Your answer to that question starts the creative process here at The Radio Agency. We’ll strategize and script the best ways to deliver your message, from memorable branding jingles to hard-hitting direct response copy. Our creative team has produced thousands of radio commercials that command attention and give clear direction, inspiring listeners to take action.


Your radio commercial works hardest when it follows four rules:

  1. Grab the listener’s attention in the opening 3-5 seconds
  2. Present the strongest benefit likely to make a listener want your product or service.
  3. Make an irresistible offer to entice the listener to act.
  4. Rally the listener with an urgent call to action to respond now!

For direct response radio advertisers, that response typically takes the form of a phone call or a visit to the advertiser’s website. For branding advertisers, the desired outcome might be a change in the consumer’s attitude, measured by benchmarking baseline behavior against consumer perceptions and preferences after a campaign has had time to make its impact.

Either way, it’s essential to start the process by defining SUCCESS. If the radio listener does just one thing after hearing your message, what would that one thing be?

Once you’ve defined SUCCESS, your radio advertising copywriting and production team can craft scripts and sculpt sound focused on eliciting this SUCCESS response from the radio listener.

Seasoned marketers typically test multiple radio commercials in the same advertising flight, measuring which message generates the best response. Identify your strongest radio commercial and it becomes your control ad – the standard against which future scripts and commercials will be measured.

Then you can tweak and test different versions to improve your return. You can vary voice talent by age, gender and accent to mirror the audience composition on different stations. You can test different messages for different days of the week, or times of the day. Personality endorsements. Live talent reads. Create the radio commercial that “works” and then continually test against it, so that when results start to wobble, you’re ready with the next, great radio commercial.

As an advertising agency 100% focused on radio, the writers and producers at The Radio Agency have worked on thousands of radio scripts and radio commercial productions. Yours could be next.