Most people think that their listening habits determine which radio stations are the most popular.  They’re partially correct. The real “ears” of audience measurement in 48 U.S. markets – including its largest cities – is this black, pager-like device called a Portable People Meter or PPM. It listens for hidden audio streams embedded in radio station (or network) signals that tell Nielsen Audio what you’re listening to – or at…

Another Streaming Music Service? Count YouTube In!

Although not officially confirmed, YouTube is expected to launch a music streaming service with videos included, by the end of 2013.  The service is expected to target mobile users and include both free and premium options. According to Billboard, the premium option would offer ad-free listening along with the ability to listen to songs offline. 

Apple Launches iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio is set to debut in September. The strength behind this launch is having 10 years of history, 575 million registered users worldwide and 25 billion songs downloaded. Clients such as McDonald’s, Nissan, Pepsi and Proctor & Gamble all have secured advertising seats through the year. These clients are part of the testing phase which will allow Apple to figure out the best way to sell ad space. In…

Radio Remains Reliable

Tune in.  Turn on.  Click it.  Or Tap the Touch Screen.  Radio Remains Reliable Radio’s need to evolve with technology has created an endless buffet of audio entertainment options.  Times change, just like the consumer’s appetite for diversified radio formats.  But what remains constant is radio’s influential stronghold on our culture and its ability to entertain and inform.