Rock Is On A Roll: Alternative Goes Mainstream

No longer a 90’s teen trend, Alternative Rock radio is becoming a fixture on radio dials nationwide. In a five-year study conducted by Nielsen, ratings for many different branches within the Rock tree were examined from 2012-2016. The study showed that, while most subsets showed growth above 10%, there are some clear frontrunners in the pack. Classic Rock still holds strong as number one, where bands like The Beatles, Guns…



Come here. You need to hear this. Slip into something comfortable. You know how podcasts deliver a very specific audience interested in a very specific topic? Uh huh. Well now you can sponsor podcasts in specific radio markets without letting the whole country know what you’re up to. Pretty hot, huh? Well how about this: Many top-rated AM/FM radio shows now record their live programs and make them available as…


Listening Habits of a Media Buyer

Ever wonder about the listening habits of a media professional – the person who decides where to best place a brand’s marketing dollars?  Wonder no more, as I’m going to give you the insight into a day of listening habits.  (NOTE: This is one man’s journey and does not impact the neutral bias applied to every client’s media plan.  DOUBLE NOTE: That is not a picture of me.) First thing…


Radio Fun Facts !!

While our writers enjoy the holiday week off, we thought we’d share some interesting, historical and nonsensical Fun Facts about our favorite sound entertainment and advertising medium. Radio. Only six radio stations east of the Mississippi River can still use “K” as the first letter in their call signs. Every other station uses “W.” Canadian radio stations begin with the letter “C” while stations in Mexico begin with “X.” The…



We thank our friends at Nielsen for granting us permission to reprint this informative article on how technology on wheels is reshaping how we connect to information and entertainment on the road. Cars are big business, and as technology continues to permeate our lives, the auto industry is broadening its revenue base by tapping into consumers’ desire to stay connected from behind the wheel. The industry is also amplifying an…


Summer Vacation Recommendations

Our blog writers have the week off. So we polled our friends in and around radio for some great media recommendations to consume on your summer vacation. Books to read. Music to play. TV series to binge watch. Here are their picks. Enjoy your vacation!

Radio Remains Reliable

Tune in.  Turn on.  Click it.  Or Tap the Touch Screen.  Radio Remains Reliable Radio’s need to evolve with technology has created an endless buffet of audio entertainment options.  Times change, just like the consumer’s appetite for diversified radio formats.  But what remains constant is radio’s influential stronghold on our culture and its ability to entertain and inform.