Radio Listeners: I Command You

One of the most important elements in successful radio advertising is a powerful Call to Action, fondly known among acronomists as the CTA.  A strong CTA typically carries a sense of urgency, generally tied to limited availability (“Hurry, while supplies last!”) or a limited time offer (“Call before midnight tonight!”). But another powerful tool in the writer’s toolbox is the effective use of short, abrupt, “command words.” “Call Now.”  “Log…



My daughter Kirsten was doing homework accompanied by her cell phone.  But instead of listening to music, she was listening to audio of some guy voicing play-by-play of his video gaming experience.  He “Whoa’d!” and “WTF’d” when the bad guys attacked and trash-talked when he defeated them in battle.  Later, she used her cell phone to listen to another video gamer narrating his experience while she played a game of…



Before Internet music jukebox Grooveshark shut down on April 30th, many insiders who wondered how this “listen to whatever you want” music service could stay in business. The answer was they couldn’t. For years, Grooveshark visitors could simply type in a song title and then hear that song, instantly and over and over again. Fans built and played customized, song-specific playlists. But a note posted at Grooveshark.com says the site…



Are you tired of listening to the same old CDs you found shoved under the seat in your car? Ready for some new music to listen to while you’re on the road? Like me and millions of others you can turn to Pandora radio, but there are so many new apps for you to discover a new array of music! Whether you enjoy listening to today’s hits or undiscovered bands,…


Radio Fun Facts !!

While our writers enjoy the holiday week off, we thought we’d share some interesting, historical and nonsensical Fun Facts about our favorite sound entertainment and advertising medium. Radio. Only six radio stations east of the Mississippi River can still use “K” as the first letter in their call signs. Every other station uses “W.” Canadian radio stations begin with the letter “C” while stations in Mexico begin with “X.” The…


242,000,000 Creatures of Habit

I’m willing to bet that you know exactly where you’ll be at 7:45 tomorrow morning. What you’ll be doing. And, if you’re listening to the radio, what station or platform you’ll be listening to. The fact is we humans are creatures of habit. Sure, a universe full of variables forces us to improvise throughout the day, but if no fires are blazing we have – and take comfort in –…


Let Local Radio Take Advantage of You

Before joining the great team of passionate pros here at The Radio Agency, I most recently worked in local radio sales. It was a very forward-looking organization with a formidable roster of stations. In fact, I maintain they were the top radio brands in their market. A very good job had been done over the years of crafting the stations’ formats to fit the socio-cultural tastes of the listeners. They…


Summer Vacation Recommendations

Our blog writers have the week off. So we polled our friends in and around radio for some great media recommendations to consume on your summer vacation. Books to read. Music to play. TV series to binge watch. Here are their picks. Enjoy your vacation!


The Wrong X-Ray

Imagine you broke your leg. Ouch. And now you’re in the emergency room where the doctor shows you X-rays of patients he’s recently worked on with broken hands and fractured hips. You’d probably hobble off to see the next doctor.