Radio Listeners: I Command You

One of the most important elements in successful radio advertising is a powerful Call to Action, fondly known among acronomists as the CTA.  A strong CTA typically carries a sense of urgency, generally tied to limited availability (“Hurry, while supplies last!”) or a limited time offer (“Call before midnight tonight!”). But another powerful tool in the writer’s toolbox is the effective use of short, abrupt, “command words.” “Call Now.”  “Log…


The Power of Personalities

We contacted sales managers at radio stations all across America and asked for their secret weapons. We asked, “What’s the one marketing tool that advertisers on your station underuse?” Where are people having success that more advertisers would be wise to follow? Answers ran the gamut, but far and away, one tactic was cited above others as an advertiser’s likeliest path to profit: leveraging endorsements from air personalities. “Nothing sells…



  Don’t panic.  Don’t jump.  Don’t freak out because the phones aren’t ringing, because your website didn’t blow up or that your friends haven’t stopped to tell you how great your commercial sounds. It’s your first day on the air.  Here’s what happened. A whole lot of people heard your name for the very first time.  If we’re lucky, they also heard something of value to them and then married…



I’m an agreeable guy; positive and upbeat by nature. But sometimes, bad radio ad copy and foolish mistakes make my blood pressure rise like an hour spent in a small, windowless room with Lewis Black sputtering 90-decibel agitations. Share my rant and see if you don’t agree. Take Your “Holiday Ads” Off the Air When the Holiday Ends. Come on. It’s March. Should we really be hearing commercials for a…


The Secret to Timing Your Media Buy

A gallon of milk is a gallon of milk. Aside from the few pennies’ difference between competing supermarkets, the daily and weekly prices don’t fluctuate all that much. Knowing you’ll pay more at a convenience store is about the only price variable a savvy milk buyer needs to know. But the factors impacting the cost of radio advertising time can vary wildly from day to day and month to month….


Too Busy to Procrastinate

Just “yesterday,” I was planning ahead for the upcoming year. 2014 was going to be the year that I would complete everything on my to-do list before the end of the year. But now with Christmas right around the corner, I’m asking myself (again) how this year flew by so quickly and how am I going to finish all of those home projects by the end of the year. If…


Avoiding First-Time Advertiser Mistakes

In any form of advertising, it’s easy for first-timers to make mistakes. Audio advertising is no exception. But now more than ever, with so many new platforms for audio advertising, it is imperative that clients have a solid game plan from Day One to avoid the pitfalls. “One of the biggest mistakes I see first time advertisers make is buying what they like to listen to”, says Marta Delisi of…


Drive the Future

Did you know that the US is home to the largest passenger vehicle market of any country in the world? A study by the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported that nearly256,000,000 vehicles were registered in the US alone. And just about every vehicle is equipped with an AM/FM radio. That’s a quarter of a billion car radios plus hundreds of millions of smart phones that are able to deliver…


Let Local Radio Take Advantage of You

Before joining the great team of passionate pros here at The Radio Agency, I most recently worked in local radio sales. It was a very forward-looking organization with a formidable roster of stations. In fact, I maintain they were the top radio brands in their market. A very good job had been done over the years of crafting the stations’ formats to fit the socio-cultural tastes of the listeners. They…