The Advertising Joys of Radio Everywhere

The Advertising Joys of Radio Everywhere

Not too long ago, business publications and industry trades warned of the death of radio, destined to be buried by music videos, online games and the proliferation of portable listening devices where people could port their own playlists. But once radio caught up with technology and embraced its potential rather than rail against it, all things radio flourished.  Satellite brought 100+ channels of diverse network-quality programming one could enjoy, without…

A Day in the Life of Radio

Midnight – The start of a new day.  Nearly everyone will listen to the radio today.  AM/FM.  SiriusXM Satellite.  Online Streaming.  Mobile.  They’ll plug their cell phones into their dashboards and program their own radio stations just because they can.  Radio is everywhere.  Are you listening?

Listeners Are Tuning In More From Mobile These Days

Streaming listenership continues to shift towards the mobile platform, and radio groups try to maneuver their ad space to follow. With smart phones taking over the hands of radio listeners, broadcasters are seeing a corresponding shift in listening to their station streams from desktops to mobile devices. Clear Channel says 61% of listening to iHeartRadio now occurs on mobile devices. More than half of the younger skewing Emmis stations are…