Do Football Fans Fade as the Season Ends?

It’s been a tough year to be a Philadelphia Eagles’ fan.  A 3-0 start with a rookie quarterback fizzled as the team went 2-8 in its next 10 games.  So it was no surprise when Philly’s leading SportsTalk station WIP dipped from 5.0 to 4.9 to 4.3 in the Sep-Oct-Nov ratings. I wondered if other SportsTalk stations had suffered similar fates as their teams were eliminated from playoff contention.  Sure…


Speech Coaching

You’ve probably seen the latest Burger King TV ad where two twenty-somethings sit side by side eating pancakes. He asks, “What would you do for three pancakes for 89 cents?” She replies, “I’d – pay 89 cents.  What would you do for three pancakes for 89 cents?” And he answers, “I’d hug a shark.” It took me four exposures to this ad to realize he was saying that he’d hug…


Radio Listeners: I Command You

One of the most important elements in successful radio advertising is a powerful Call to Action, fondly known among acronomists as the CTA.  A strong CTA typically carries a sense of urgency, generally tied to limited availability (“Hurry, while supplies last!”) or a limited time offer (“Call before midnight tonight!”). But another powerful tool in the writer’s toolbox is the effective use of short, abrupt, “command words.” “Call Now.”  “Log…



According to Spotify research, 33 is the magical age when men shift from listening primarily to new music on the radio to embracing the music of their teens and 20s. Now that’s not to say they stop listening to new music altogether or ignore new releases by their favorite artists, but they’re now transitioning to spend more time with radio stations that play music from their Wonder Years, rather than…



Sports fans are among radio’s most passionate and responsive listeners.  They live-and-die with every play and then talk about it, around-the-clock, until the next game.  Here’s a critical list of Do’s and Don’ts to get the most out of Sports Radio Advertising. IN-GAME BROADCASTS ARE GREAT FOR BRANDING, LOUSY FOR DIRECT RESPONSE – Who wants to stop listening to the game to make a phone call for more information about…



  The Who is one my all-time favorite rock bands. “My Generation” grew up with so many favorites: songs, bands, radio stations, TV shows, and of course, magazines. The amount of advertising we were exposed to was remarkable. And thinking back, it was as if the marketers knew what we wanted, even before we knew we wanted it! Geniuses, they were. However, times have changed. With today’s social media, people…



  “We’re the tri-state area’s Number One sales leader” I’m very happy for you.  Now how does that benefit me? ”No one sells more Toyotas than we do!” Again, please stop chest-thumping and tell me why I should care. “We won’t stop until we’re Number One in sales! So you’re telling me I’m not going to have a very pleasant experience with your pushy sales staff. Sustaining a testosterone-laced mindset…


All Roads Lead to Radio

Many still view radio advertising as an all or nothing proposition. They can’t figure out how to make it fit all their unique needs. Here’s a bit of a road map to help you navigate the audio landscape in 2015: •Myth #1: I’m a small business, only in one area, and there’s simply too much waste to make radio effective. •Fact: While making dollars stretch is a challenge for all…



With the roses long since wilted in their Valentine’s vases and the last few unpopular pieces of chocolate eaten (was that a macadamia?), it is time, hopeful and ready advertiser, to place your spring radio advertising! Keep this one important thought in mind: the early bird not only gets the worm but gets to mix it up with other early birds. For your business, these other early birds are consumers…


The Secret to Timing Your Media Buy

A gallon of milk is a gallon of milk. Aside from the few pennies’ difference between competing supermarkets, the daily and weekly prices don’t fluctuate all that much. Knowing you’ll pay more at a convenience store is about the only price variable a savvy milk buyer needs to know. But the factors impacting the cost of radio advertising time can vary wildly from day to day and month to month….