Easily Distracted? Don’t You Just Love Chocolate!

Think of all the times in a day you get distracted and lose your train of thought.

The phone rings.  A dog barks.  A wafting scent steals your attention.  There are so many “natural events” beyond your control it’s amazing you stay as focused as you do.

Now imagine the unforeseen challenges of keeping a radio listener focused on your message while you make the case for them doing and feeling what you want them to do and feel by the end of your commercial. Continue reading

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Savage Competition For Hannity

As two of America’s top conservative radio talk show hosts duke it out over the airwaves, we advertising types watch and wait for the final round to see who will actually prevail as the PM Drive spoken word champ.  Continue reading

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The Curse of the Big City Shadow

New York City and Philadelphia?  Great radio buys.  Trenton, NJ?  The worst.

Radio stations from America’s Top 10 Radio markets typically dominate the listening landscape in fringe cities like Trenton, San Jose and Santa Barbara, located 30-60 miles from major market epicenters.  This inflates advertising costs in these outlier markets, where local demand enables stations to charge an obscene premium for their air time. Continue reading

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Copy Smart or Break the Mold. Avoid Middle Ground Mediocrity.

I wish I had a dime for every dollar’s worth of mediocre radio advertising that will pollute the air waves in 2014.  Not “bad” radio advertising, because some of that makes a lasting impression and delivers a message.  I’m talking about the bland, soundalike pablum that leaves listeners uninformed and uninspired. Continue reading

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Holiday Programming Disrupts Other Formats

The holiday season was most certainly a cheery one for formats such as Soft AC and Adult Contemporary stations, but not so much for some other formats. The Christmas format acted like ratings rocket fuel for Soft AC — new Nielsen data from the 45* non-embedded PPM markets show the format’s share shot up 83% between November and the Holiday ratings period. That’s up sharply from the 57% ratings boost Soft AC experienced during the same period in 2012.  Soft AC is second only to AC in the number of outlets that go with all holiday programming. AC’s PPM share in the Holiday Survey was 61% higher than in November, slightly less than the 76% surge it experienced in 2012. Continue reading

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