Working with the Radio Agency

From creative and production to planning and placement, The Radio Agency is a natural extension to your agency to master and maximize the power of radio.

Following your lead as “Keeper of the Brand” and backed by national research from Nielsen Audio Ratings and SQAD for all 274 local radio markets, we integrate seamlessly to plan and deliver stellar radio plans, giving you the depth of talent you need without the expense of hiring additional staff.

Local. Regional. National. AM/FM. Satellite. Digital. Promotions.

We’ll help you pitch and win new business – face-to-face with clients or behind the scenes as your invisible radio workhorse. Quite simply, your agency can win and keep more business with our accomplished radio specialists as part of your team.

Email us or call Mark Lipsky (President/CEO) or Barbra Tabnick (VP/Account Services) at 800-969-2636.